Midwest Clean Comedy books shows all across the nation for clubs, theaters, businesses, and organizations.

Are you looking for a professional, classy, guilt-free night of live stand-up comedy for your next event?

Midwest Clean Comedy brings clean comedy content to individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches. Everyone loves to laugh, hear jokes, or listen to a funny story; however, many people do not even consider live comedy as an option for their date night, church activity, or office party. Many of them are never quite sure what’s going to come out of the comics’ mouths during the show! Midwest Clean Comedy was created to show these people that clean comedy is alive and well in the entertainment industry and highly accessible at an affordable price.

Clean” comedy is a relative term. In other words, not all comedy labeled as “clean” comedy is actually clean by our standards. That’s why Midwest Clean Comedy consists of comedians who understand the difference between the mainstream idea of “clean,” and the type of clean comedy that exemplifies and magnifies their roles as parents, church-goers, spouses, and professionals.

The first Midwest Clean Comedy show was a one-night performance at a local club that had so much success, the comedy clubs in the region could not ignore it. From that time forward, Midwest Clean Comedy has been producing clean comedy events for clubs, businesses, theaters, and churches all over the nation.

Let us know how we can help you create a hilarious and appropriate show for your organization.


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